About the Resource Kete

Your Basket of Knowledge

The Resource Kete is your basket of knowledge as you embark on your asset management journey. 

It houses both free and paid resources from Āpōpō. The free resources are available to anyone. Paid resources are available to those who have an active subscription, individually or via your workplace. 

The Resource Kete is operated by Āpōpō for the benefit of the asset management sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Woven flax bag (close up ) traditional Maori culture artwork New Zealand.

Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga

Fill the basket of knowledge

Search across all resources

Flexible search options allow you to look for information within a specific resource, or across all the resources you can access.

Quick navigation

Quickly jump to the relevant section of a resource by using the left-hand navigation panel.

Take notes of key points

All logged-in users can use the Notes feature to make notes of thoughts / important points on any page. Your notes are unique to you, and can be viewed / printed via the Notes page.

Accessing Paid Resources

The Kete hosts both paid and free resources.

Free resources are available to anyone, logged in or not. 

Paid resources are available to current subscribers of that resource, purchased via www.apopo.co.nz. You may have purchased this yourself, or someone may have purchased it for you.

Need some help?

If you’re logged in but can’t see a resource you’re expecting to, or need to get in touch with us for any reason, please contact us here.